Friday, June 30, 2006

House Votes to End 25-Year Offshore Drilling Ban

I knew it wouldn’t last……Florida is gonna get screwed….BIG TIME!!!

As will most of the other states in this country that have a coastline.

The House just approved a bill to end offshore drilling ban.
With any luck at all the Senate will defeat this!!!!

Who the hell am I kidding.

"A bipartisan bid by Florida lawmakers to block oil and gas drilling within 125 miles of the coast around much of the United States was overwhelmingly rejected Thursday by the U.S. House of Representatives. The 352-65 vote came as the House considered a bill that would lift the quarter-century federal ban on drilling in much of the Outer Continental Shelf. Instead, the House adopted a bill 232-187 that would let each state decide whether to allow drilling within 100 miles of its coast. The bill also would let states that allow offshore drilling receive a share of the leasing royalties, money that now goes entirely to the federal government."

“Jeb!" actually "welcomed the passage Thursday of a bill by the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow oil and natural gas drilling 50 miles off Florida's shores, but he promised to ask state lawmakers to keep the rigs 100 miles away."

Remember this name……………..Jeb Bush………..NOT FOR PRESIDENT!!! Let him be the commissioner of the NFL………..stay tuna’d

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

A friend’s sister was just diagnosed with IBC.

It just proves that we all must be aware.

And god forbid don’t take anything for granted.
My friend's sister had on her breast what she thought was a rash or some pimples on her breast.

Her Dr. gave her some medicine for the rash and sent her on her way.

I did a bit of research and found this link on snopes as well as a lot of other places.

The following is a link to a video of a Seattle TV news clip.
PLEASE, click the attached link (or paste in browser)

Also this is a link to the Susan G. Kopmen site for IBC.......

Monday, June 26, 2006

In the market for a new camera...

and I am more confused now than ever. The last camera I purchased, well I didn't really buy, husband bought it for me eight years ago. Can you imagine, an eight year old digital camera. And it still works, but like a lot of electronic things it is fading fast.

The camera I have is a Nikon Cool Pix, a black bulky (by todays standards) boxy thing. So I go online and look and read feedback. That is as confusing as the camera choices. Some people are techno geeks and write in that language and then those that are just ordinary folk like me, have trouble explaining why you should by the camera they are giving 10+++ stars to.....jeeesch!

I want a compact not an SLR cause I am just not in to drag the camera junk with me anymore. I know how I am if I get an SLR I'll want to get another lense or two and all the other goodies. I'm just not in the mood for that. Call me lazy but that's the way it is.

I want at least a 6 megapixel for enlarging. I have narrowed it down to Sony and Nikon. Well now that's real helpful huh!!!? duh I must be making up me mind here soon cause the old Cool Pix is gonna go and then I'll be smack dab outta luck. Oh I could use the camcorder but nah!!!

Those of y'all that know husband, here is an interesting twist to this whole market research thing.........husband is finding the more he reads about these new SLR's he tells me "I just might get one"!!! See he is a real research kinda guy that has to read about all that is presented and then he makes a decision.
Now what I should do is just let husband go buy my compact camera and I won't have to worry my pretty little head about it.......................stay tuna'd

Friday, June 23, 2006

First lettuce in bags….now this!!!

Now please raise your hand if you have ever thought about disinfecting your purse. Boy if you have, I am really naïve.

This following was sent to me by a friend in Atlanta……..for the balance of the info read the
Snopes Report.

Bacteria on Purses: A study was performed on women's purses. A health team went to a local mall and took samples from the bottom of 50 women's purses. The purses were swabbed with cotton swabs along the entire bottom of the purses and placed into special containers. The swabs were then processed at a local laboratory. The Health Report also showed where women place their purses: public rest-rooms (on the floor beside the toilet), kitchen counters & kitchen tables, on tables & chairs in restaurants, etc. The results of the laboratory tests contained the following most serious result: 1 out of 4 purses — E COLI Other extremely serious bacteria also were listed, including Hepatitis. They recommended that women should DAILY wipe their purses (particularly the bottom) with a disinfectant wipe and to be extremely careful where you sit your purse. Most important, do NOT place your purse on a table (anywhere) where you will eat or on a kitchen counter and do not put it anywhere close to a toilet. Remember, when you flush a toilet, the spray goes a distance that is unrecognizable by the human eye. WASH YOUR HANDS as often as you can! Keep an antibacterial hand sanitizer cleaner (no water needed) in your purse and use it often! And as soon as you get home from shopping (or wherever you have been and used your purse), immediately wipe it all over with a disinfectant wipe.
This is from me — MEN who do not wash their hands after relieving themselves should be ASHAMED! Not only that, they are seriously affecting your health and their own. My husband has told me many, many times (over 50% ratio) that he has seen men in public rest-rooms relieve themselves, zip up, and immediately leave the rest-room without washing their hands!! Women get on your men and be sure they are washing thoroughly after using the rest-room. My hubby also noted that everyone spends all this time washing their hands and then grabs the door handle to exit the rest-room. So DAH! All those other folks who did NOT wash their hands have their germs all over the door handle! And I have seen many women who do NOT wash their hands after using the rest-room. So, use that paper towel you dried your hands on to open the door and then dispose of it in the closest waste receptacle (women, please do not put it in your purse!). Repeating, this is a factual report aired today on Health News, Fox 5, Atlanta, GA. Please do your part for yourself and everyone else! As soon as I saw the report, I immediately cleaned my purse with my Clorox Antibacterial Wipe and then set it on a paper towel where I normally place it on a table in our den. And I asked my hubby to PLEASE scold me if he ever saw me putting my purse on the kitchen table or counter again!

Let me remind you again the above was sent to me from a friend in Atlanta......Holy Crap
stay tuna'd..................................

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Fever...............

Flipping channels the other day I stumbled on one of the World Cup Soccer games.

OK now I'm hooked for a couple of reasons - one is the USA is still in the game, so to speak but another reason, it's silly I know, but we happened to just be in Munich, Germany many, many years ago when a match was going on between Ireland and host country Germany. It wasn't a World Cup match because it was an off year but it was a very important game none the less. Now think about it, we are in Munich, home to a couple a Beer Gardens, and they are playing Ireland, no offense to the sweet Irish folks, but they have been known to throw down a pint or two.
I am not kidding, no one got any sleep in Munich for several nites, holy crap it was wild. Just one example.....during this time husband, myself along with some business associates we were there to see, walked into the local non touristy beer garden and it was pointed out the dented glass front door. We all just stood in amazement because it looked as thought someone used a fellow soccer player as a battering ram head first in to that door. You could see where you thought the dent of his head was, oddly enough the heavy glass door was not broken just dented in from some soccer dudes head.
So I tell you to this day I do not watch a soccer game without envisioning that dent in the door of the beer garden.

So just in case you might find a bit of intererst here the schedule....... stay tuna'd................

Sunday, June 18, 2006

admire this her work

I meant to write about this last week.............duh getting aged.

The piece appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning show last week..........

DESIGN: Eva Zeisel, 99 years old and still
working, is considered one of the most important
industrial designers living today. You may not have heard of her, but you have probably seen and used her curvy creations. Her tea service, dinner plates and serving bowls have graced tables around the world for more than half a century. A retrospective of her work is now traveling the country.

for more information................

Oh how I would love to see this retrospective...............stay tuna'd!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Battle scars for Floridians!!!

I posted awhile back about Florida and the resident Alligators......well check this video that just happened to be on the Today Show...must of been a slow news day.

I have taken to do my walking inside to a DVD.

stay tuna'd..........................

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm hoping this is something that might interest you......

'little bird' wrote on our food blog PBE a bit about her experience
with CSA which is Community Supported Agriculture.
What a terrific idea and I am quite jealous of her venture.

I will also add my 2 cents for going to see the movie inconvenient truth
There is something in this documentary for each and every one of us.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

OK I Wasn't gonna obsess.........UPDATE

but since Max Mayfield and the hurricane gang at the National Hurricane Center thinks that it is worth mentioning.


Let the hoooooopla begin........................stay tuna'd!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Thanks Aunt Minnie!!!

I am thrilled…………silly, but I have never ever been able to grow African Violets.
I know your gonna tell me your special way and that you have never ever had a problem.
Well I got news for ya I know a woman that could grow several dozen of these jewels at one time in her home. No she didn’t have a greenhouse she grew her African Violets like no one I have ever seen before.
This woman was my husband's Aunt Minnie. I had the opportunity to meet this woman the first time in 1972. A very cold Christmas it was in Canada. Husband and I went to visit the family, as I had never met anyone other than brother and Mum and Dad. Well you walk in to Aunt Minnie’s home and there they were just sitting on tables and hanging out on the window sills in her sweet little bungalow. I was absolutely mesmerized; I couldn’t believe all of her beautiful plants that were flower. And they were in full, vibrant bloom not just the green leafy plants. I commiserated with Aunt Minnie about how I could never grow African Violets. She gave me several hints on how to take care of them and I remember her telling me that you have to love them.
Well we went back home to California to sunshine and gorgeous weather that I thought would be conducive for growing these little jewels………….not.
Several years later we moved to Connecticut and I thought hey let me try some African Violets. We were living in the country kinda, had a few acres with a great vegetable garden, a goat and some pigs. This should be a great spot to grow African Violets……….NOT!!! I can grow just about anything – I felt shattered to say the least.
Ok years later we move to the Keys in Florida, let me cut to the chase here folks; they didn’t like it there either.
Husband and I recently retired and re-located to the west coast of the state. Just this past Easter I was shopping somewhere and saw African Violets. Oh my god…….. terrific flash back of Aunt Minnie’s house, her violets scattered about, her standing there in her kitchen with her hands on her hips reminding me that you must remember to love them. That is what I forgot – I had to love them.
Well I scooped up three plants put them in my basket and off to the cashier. The lady that rang me up mentioned “my how lovely these are and how I wish I could grow them”. Well I held her hand and told her “you must love them”!!! She probably thought I was her weirdo of the day for sure.

I love my African Violets. There are three sitting above my sink on the window sill. I love my frog Oscar,so maybe he had something to do with spreading the love. Ah yes my sister moon gave me Oscar. The violets have produced many flowers since Easter and they are of the very ordinary variety.

Thanks Aunt Minnie……………..stay tuna’d!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do We Not Learn.............

So I'm on a bit of a rant here folks - so scroll on by
if not interested in reading.............

How can we be a nation of such fools...........Dubya has had a history, I knew about his history and I'm certainly not the brightest penny in the roll. How can a nation of this many people be so mislead?

"little bird" has this link on her site about the inconvenient truth
I urge you to see this documentary; they are even showing it in Florida!!!
I am pleased, but amazed.

I don't like to preach, I really don't but allow me to give you something else to think about. Your half hour national news program is just that a half hour, 45 - 90 seconds of sound bytes and we never get the whole story or even enough info to makes us want to know more. Many of us don’t have time to sit and read the newspaper. Maybe some of you get your news on line just as I do sometimes. I am going to urge you to listen to NPR, National Public Radio. Now no one is perfect but NPR gives you more than just seconds of news. Many times than not they devote 10 - 15 minutes to most stories. Many of us have become deficient in the attention span department. But if you get a chance give it a try you might just come away a bit more informed.

Cause ya know there just so happens to be a mid term election coming up and a presidential election following that two years later............stay tuna'd!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tough to ignore.......but

I resisted writing yesterday about the first day of the 2006 hurricane season.

Being a big fan of Max Mayfield, who is the head guru dude at the National Hurricane Center , I got pretty tired of seeing him on TV, hearing him of the radio, and reading his comments in the newspaper adnaseum I might say, all of this in the past few days leading up to June 1st .

There are a lot of things that they could have covered as well ya know. Such as......

our lack of rain which is causing a huge influx of those love bugs. Seems they are looking for water when they get thru loving and there isn't any cause we haven't had any rain.

lack of rain also leads to a raft of other problems which I just heard about yesterday, termites and carpenter ants. They seem to be thirsty too. So you folks here in the 'blue tarp state' keep up that spraying. Cause if y'all don't a tropical breeze is gonna take your house after the carpenter ants and termites get thru dinning on the studs.

but the worst influx would be the Florida alligator.........yep they are thirsty too. Lack of rain has brought the little darlins closer to human population to look for water as well as it's their mating season.

A side story here for local Target is near a canal, waterway type dealy right. I go there the other day and there must be 20 - 30 folks standing there looking at the water. Me thinking someone fell, cause it is several feet down, or even a child was wandering around there cause the water is quite shallow, due to lack of rain. Well nosy butt me has to go over there and see what's going on. You ready for this..............there were 8 alligators in various sizes lounging in the water and on the banks. Folks call the alligator cops.........what the hell!!! These are angry alligators that have very little water and are trying to mate and you are standing here watching them.......alligator voyeurs.

Arizona is looking better every day.........................stay tuna'd