Friday, June 02, 2006

Tough to ignore.......but

I resisted writing yesterday about the first day of the 2006 hurricane season.

Being a big fan of Max Mayfield, who is the head guru dude at the National Hurricane Center , I got pretty tired of seeing him on TV, hearing him of the radio, and reading his comments in the newspaper adnaseum I might say, all of this in the past few days leading up to June 1st .

There are a lot of things that they could have covered as well ya know. Such as......

our lack of rain which is causing a huge influx of those love bugs. Seems they are looking for water when they get thru loving and there isn't any cause we haven't had any rain.

lack of rain also leads to a raft of other problems which I just heard about yesterday, termites and carpenter ants. They seem to be thirsty too. So you folks here in the 'blue tarp state' keep up that spraying. Cause if y'all don't a tropical breeze is gonna take your house after the carpenter ants and termites get thru dinning on the studs.

but the worst influx would be the Florida alligator.........yep they are thirsty too. Lack of rain has brought the little darlins closer to human population to look for water as well as it's their mating season.

A side story here for local Target is near a canal, waterway type dealy right. I go there the other day and there must be 20 - 30 folks standing there looking at the water. Me thinking someone fell, cause it is several feet down, or even a child was wandering around there cause the water is quite shallow, due to lack of rain. Well nosy butt me has to go over there and see what's going on. You ready for this..............there were 8 alligators in various sizes lounging in the water and on the banks. Folks call the alligator cops.........what the hell!!! These are angry alligators that have very little water and are trying to mate and you are standing here watching them.......alligator voyeurs.

Arizona is looking better every day.........................stay tuna'd

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mooncrazy said...

alligator voyeurs=alligator snax!