Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Fever...............

Flipping channels the other day I stumbled on one of the World Cup Soccer games.

OK now I'm hooked for a couple of reasons - one is the USA is still in the game, so to speak but another reason, it's silly I know, but we happened to just be in Munich, Germany many, many years ago when a match was going on between Ireland and host country Germany. It wasn't a World Cup match because it was an off year but it was a very important game none the less. Now think about it, we are in Munich, home to a couple a Beer Gardens, and they are playing Ireland, no offense to the sweet Irish folks, but they have been known to throw down a pint or two.
I am not kidding, no one got any sleep in Munich for several nites, holy crap it was wild. Just one example.....during this time husband, myself along with some business associates we were there to see, walked into the local non touristy beer garden and it was pointed out the dented glass front door. We all just stood in amazement because it looked as thought someone used a fellow soccer player as a battering ram head first in to that door. You could see where you thought the dent of his head was, oddly enough the heavy glass door was not broken just dented in from some soccer dudes head.
So I tell you to this day I do not watch a soccer game without envisioning that dent in the door of the beer garden.

So just in case you might find a bit of intererst here the schedule.......http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/worldcup/schedule stay tuna'd................

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