Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do We Not Learn.............

So I'm on a bit of a rant here folks - so scroll on by
if not interested in reading.............

How can we be a nation of such fools...........Dubya has had a history, I knew about his history and I'm certainly not the brightest penny in the roll. How can a nation of this many people be so mislead?

"little bird" has this link on her site about the inconvenient truth
I urge you to see this documentary; they are even showing it in Florida!!!
I am pleased, but amazed.

I don't like to preach, I really don't but allow me to give you something else to think about. Your half hour national news program is just that a half hour, 45 - 90 seconds of sound bytes and we never get the whole story or even enough info to makes us want to know more. Many of us don’t have time to sit and read the newspaper. Maybe some of you get your news on line just as I do sometimes. I am going to urge you to listen to NPR, National Public Radio. Now no one is perfect but NPR gives you more than just seconds of news. Many times than not they devote 10 - 15 minutes to most stories. Many of us have become deficient in the attention span department. But if you get a chance give it a try you might just come away a bit more informed.

Cause ya know there just so happens to be a mid term election coming up and a presidential election following that two years later............stay tuna'd!!!

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