Friday, June 09, 2006

Thanks Aunt Minnie!!!

I am thrilled…………silly, but I have never ever been able to grow African Violets.
I know your gonna tell me your special way and that you have never ever had a problem.
Well I got news for ya I know a woman that could grow several dozen of these jewels at one time in her home. No she didn’t have a greenhouse she grew her African Violets like no one I have ever seen before.
This woman was my husband's Aunt Minnie. I had the opportunity to meet this woman the first time in 1972. A very cold Christmas it was in Canada. Husband and I went to visit the family, as I had never met anyone other than brother and Mum and Dad. Well you walk in to Aunt Minnie’s home and there they were just sitting on tables and hanging out on the window sills in her sweet little bungalow. I was absolutely mesmerized; I couldn’t believe all of her beautiful plants that were flower. And they were in full, vibrant bloom not just the green leafy plants. I commiserated with Aunt Minnie about how I could never grow African Violets. She gave me several hints on how to take care of them and I remember her telling me that you have to love them.
Well we went back home to California to sunshine and gorgeous weather that I thought would be conducive for growing these little jewels………….not.
Several years later we moved to Connecticut and I thought hey let me try some African Violets. We were living in the country kinda, had a few acres with a great vegetable garden, a goat and some pigs. This should be a great spot to grow African Violets……….NOT!!! I can grow just about anything – I felt shattered to say the least.
Ok years later we move to the Keys in Florida, let me cut to the chase here folks; they didn’t like it there either.
Husband and I recently retired and re-located to the west coast of the state. Just this past Easter I was shopping somewhere and saw African Violets. Oh my god…….. terrific flash back of Aunt Minnie’s house, her violets scattered about, her standing there in her kitchen with her hands on her hips reminding me that you must remember to love them. That is what I forgot – I had to love them.
Well I scooped up three plants put them in my basket and off to the cashier. The lady that rang me up mentioned “my how lovely these are and how I wish I could grow them”. Well I held her hand and told her “you must love them”!!! She probably thought I was her weirdo of the day for sure.

I love my African Violets. There are three sitting above my sink on the window sill. I love my frog Oscar,so maybe he had something to do with spreading the love. Ah yes my sister moon gave me Oscar. The violets have produced many flowers since Easter and they are of the very ordinary variety.

Thanks Aunt Minnie……………..stay tuna’d!!!


mooncrazy said...

AWWWWWW! I love your violets and you, too.

doodles said...

awwwww thanks!!