Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Olympics

Have been amazing!!  That is my humble opinion of course.  I'm sure if you were a Russian fan your heart is broken.  And you are hoping the team doesn't get sent to Siberia to live.  For those readers that don't know or care I'll explain.  The head Russian, Putin is pretty pissed the Russian hockey team did not even medal.  Look out for the Russian team in the next Olympics which is in Seoul South Korea.

Now the women USA hockey team are about to play those meanie Canadian women for the gold medal.  So I'm about to cut this short and watch the USA women play.  Hopefully, fingers crossed and with their skill level and this great coach they have I will come back here and talk about the game.

The Olympics on the other hand have been terrific.  Not because USA has won so many medals but the amazing athletes that are able to do the most difficult things in cold weather while it's sleeting, foggy and rainy.

Go Team USA Women's Hockey!!!

Well I'm back to tell ya it was a disappointing  finish for the USA Mens hockey.  It wasn't that they didn't play well it that they didn't play every minute of the game.  Much like the women.  But the women were fortunate to receive a Silver Medal.  

Being I am married to a Canadian I know Mr is secretly quite happy the Canadians won.  He says when a Canadian team wins he always says "lets take that Cup back to Canada where it belongs"!!!  I say pffffffffffttt. 

Can't wait to talk about the Winter Olympics in Seoul South Korea. 

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