Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Could the solution of credit card hacking be solved

by just using our index finger or an eye print?  The problem with ANY of this is the information has to be stored somewhere and that somewhere must have a keeper of the gate.  And that gate keeper must be knowledgeable in keeping out the bad guys read  teenage boys in Russia. 

Sorry Russia I do not mean to cause ill will but you are housing and keeping under wraps a fellow who hacked his way into a lot of trouble.

Just heard on the NPR leave your computer at home and don't use your phone for anything important like banking etc.  Guess the hackers are out in full force.  Sure sounds to me like the hackers that are working overtime.  Terrorists without guns.

BTW I am not to fond of Microsoft right now.  On my way to Best Buy to have Windows eight removed because of all the bugs and replaced with Windows 8.1.  Hoping the guy that invented Windows 8 has gotten 40 lashes.  Boy are a lot of people PISSED!!

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Cheshire Cats Capers said...

I've never liked the idea of doing banking of my smart phone and thank goodness I didn't upgrade to windows 8!