Monday, January 27, 2014

Wonder how he knows

Our cat, Bogey is a quiet unassuming kinda feline  He is not aggressive in the least.  Has standoffish moments as well as some fleeting sweet, loving  moments.  But like most cats there aren't many of those. 

We rescued this sweet black kitty from Desert Hot Spring Animal Shelter.  He was about five months old and adjusted quickly.  Mr Doodles and I made a pledge that the new little guy, Bogey would not get any human food at all.  We have lived up to that promise.  All animals need treats tho.  So we decided twice a week he would get a small can of wet food.   Yes I know dry food is better for him  and also wet food stinks to high heaven.  That's  why I made Mr Doodles in charge of treating the furry creature.

Here's the part that puzzles me....................How does he know what days he gets his turkey and giblets  or his turkey and gravy or the roast chicken with gravy.  On Wednesday a.m. and Sunday a.m. the beast jumps up on the bed roots around, purrs as loud as a lion cub and sniffs noses.  Where do you keep your calendar Bogey?

He is quite helpful tho
He does keep us entertained in other ways also by playing catch with a little ball made of yarn my sister made for him.  Yes he can catch the ball when thrown but when tires of that activity he will hide said ball when he is ready to play again.  Careful Bogey don't be bringing that ball to our bed.  He also does an odd thing when you sit on the couch he will get on the back  and comb your hair.  He's quite gentle I just think of it as a cat massage.  And for some strange damn reason he enjoys that.

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UNCB Thomas said...

I love your cat story on Mr.Bogey. I have a cat as well who seems smart in her own way. We give her wet food 3x a day. She will tap my legs and stare at me for her next meal. She also opens our cabinet doors and take out her food bowl and bring it to us. What I would do to be in a cats head for a day.