Monday, January 06, 2014

Shame on me ...................

It has been a long time since I have posted here.  Seems Christmas goings on gets in the way.  Tree lot was really busy this year.

Lot's of happenings let's see if I can remember some of the..................

First of all congratulations to my dear sister for selling some of her art work.  It is just the very best feeling knowing that someone else likes your work.  And liking it is one thing but paying good, hard earned money to own it is another.  So dear sister keep up the good work as you shall prevail.

Speaking of selling things, dear Mr Doodles has sold several of his beaded bracelets in the last month or so.  Once again someone is forking out some cash for a piece that you made.  Good job Mr Doodles.

Some good friends got a job down in Texas, on the Gulf.  They are managing a quite fancy RV park that is right on the water.  And they don't even fish.  Well maybe they will once they get settled.  Funny we will be spending the 2014 summer on the beach in California.

A good friend became a Grandmother for the first time this past October.  This could be the only one so look out this child will well attended to. 

Our Stepmother finally sold her condo and will be moving on to bigger and better things I'm hoping.

My dear brother-in-law got another reprieve and his bladder cancer  test came back good.....YEAH!!

I start a new Yoga class next week.  We'll see how that works out.

There are some new places in Yuma to visit.  Good to see the town does not stagnate while we are all gone.  There is a cooking class I want to attend during the Lettuce Days Fiesta.

I was surprised by Mr Doodles with a Christmas gift a bit belated but a lovely gift none the less.  He ordered my a new Ninja mixer.  Not a Vita mixer which I would never agree to as the $$$ is over the top.  He told me he read all the reviews and heard of some problems after a few uses. My present blender was not doing my smoothies the way they should be made.   No matter I'm happy it will soon arrive and give my Ninja review here.

Happy New Year to's hoping 2014 is less turbulent in  many ways.

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