Saturday, January 25, 2014

An annoying scenario

We all know that people talk on their phones while driving and walking.  Therefore those folks aren't paying attention to their surroundings.  That goes without say DUH!!

So here's my problem............................... picture this scenario;

I am driving down the main aisle in front of my favorite grocery store.  I reach the front of the store and folks are walking out in front of my BIG A** truck.  They are on their phone probably talking to Millie asking her what she wants to bring to the pot luck.  Well could ya have done that when you were still sitting in your car.  Nooooooo your gonna get out of the car, punch in Millie's number all doing this while walking in front of my truck and not even looking.  Oh and the moron behind me is honking his horn,  Trust me buddy I would love to have smacked the lady but no I was being POLITE.

Now Millie's friend was/is not the only humankind that does this.  Just walk out of the store you were just in or going in to, just walking, on the phone or not, walking willy nilly  without a care in the world. My truck is kinda hard to miss.

Now yes I know there is a crosswalk in front of stores for people to go in and spend their hard earned money. 

Now you tell me where/when  did common courtesy go out the door.


Disclaimer here dear readers I am far from perfect we all have our moments but the above scenario is happening all the time and I am getting damn sick of it.

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