Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I hate to admit my husband is right

but maybe I am a klutz. And maybe I should be more careful when leaping over a brick wall.  It was a short wall.  How the hell did I know the GRAVEL ground was lower on one side than the other.  Stop and think about that. OK got that in your mind have ya.

Here I was doing a favor for a neighbor who has a crummy spring cold didn't feel like going to the market but I would pick up a few things for her.  Then come back and brew up some chicken soup.  Doodles to the rescue with great intentions.  

When I hopped over the wall to run to the market I went down like a load a bricks. In gravel damn it.  I hollered for Mr Doodles.  He came scurrying over, when he saw I was OK all he said was you are such a klutz you were due you haven't had a fall in awhile.

Whaaaaaaa  he hurt my feelings but he did wipe off the gravel,  clean the blood off of me with peroxide and check the bump on my head.  Sat me in a chair outside, got my book and some muscle relaxers with a water chaser.  I would have preferred a corona or a tequila shot but I think he was in charge and I had no room to argue.

So I will admit to many cuts and scrapes, a minor bump on my head and a ton a bruises popping up as I type.  But I will live to see another bruise I'm sure............but right now I annoyed and sore. 


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Moon said...

Too late to say be careful but plenty of time to commiserate for as your sister, I too am a klutz.