Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sister and I just had this conversation

It's all about communication.   It's a given hairdresser has a different  measuring instrument in their head than we do.  Explicit communication must be used when communication with a person that has a pair of scissors in her hand. 

So I walk into the salon where I am about to get my hair cut.  Hair cutter person says "wow your hair has really grown".  I say "I know thank heavens I can even get it in a short pony tail thingy".  "But the sides don't seem to be growing as fast.  Should WE shorten the back a bit so it could grow out together with the sides and it would be a short bob with some good layers"?  "Sure" she says.  "Let's go shampoo".

Friends I did not stress on the phrase A BIT!!   I now have a very short back that matches up to the sides, it's cute but it's shorter than I wanted.  But then again it's only hair and it will grow.  We put a few hi-lites in it.  I'll put my color on today.  Then don my Easter bonnet tomorrow.  Pardon me while I go look for my biotin.

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Moon said...

Tell me if the Biotin works. I need some more hair.