Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Oreo Cookies

How can I be married to a man that has never had an Oreo cookie.  I have some theories but I might not share them with you now maybe later. 
Anyway Mr Doodles oreo cookie deprived.  Well we are gonna fix that aren't we!!

First it was the twinkie we found out he had never had a few years ago.  Introduced  him to the twinkie and he was quite impressed with the deliciousness of the sponge cake and cream filled yummy tasting treat. 

OK fast forward a few years to just this past Sunday.  Big article in the local paper about how you gonna celebrate the 100th birthday of the oreo cookie.  So I asked Mr  that question.  His answer "what's an oreo cookie"?  After I recovered from my being stunned from that answer I grabbed my keys and ran to the market.  This man cannot go another minute without the pleasure of eating an oreo, life has it's priorities ya know!!

 a hefty half gallon of ice cold one of these. 
I arrived back with a sweet package of these

Let's just say Mr Doodles is sending Happy birthday wishes to the Oreo cookie folks!!

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