Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Someone called this God's handiwork

How true that unbelievable vision. Wish y'all could have been there with us. Happy to have been able to take this side trip. The haze you see in the background is the wind blowing about 40-50 mph and creating the dust in the air.

He had to take a photo of my butt

Just wanted to make a snowball

Bryce Canyon resident Raven

No chains required

Three states in a matter of hours

Not to mention the drastic temp changes. Monday nite we went to bed with the a/c on, last nite the heat. When we woke this a.m. it was just 31 degrees and expected to rise to a whopping 66 degrees with bright, brilliant sunshine.

I must admit I do enjoy the crisp weather. Quite a difference from the heat and humidity that we endured in must really load up on the moisturizer. Even Mr Doodles is applying the "gunk" as he calls it, morning and night.
Found a terrific body cream that penetrates the skin instead of just sitting on top and making ya feel slimy. It's called Jergens Shea Butter Moisturizer and it's yummmmmy.

OK I went waaaaaaay of topic which should be the breathtaking Bryce Canyon National Park

I took this photo out the truck window........see that tunnel?... we drove thru several of them toward our destination. See that white stuff over on the right......yep SNOW!!!

Oh the three States would be Nevada, Arizona and Utah. We traveled Interstate 15 up to this point but when leaving to head north we will be going the more scenic roadway.

There is horseback riding thru the Canyon but not something I should be doing however if they had a donkey I could do that.

Need to go pack a lunch for our hike, check back later for some photos of the Canyon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So about Buddy.......

our cat....I knew he wasn't feeling well. Seems he was drinking a lot more water than usual. When headed to sister's house I asked her to make an appointment with her Vet so that Buddy could get his annual shots.

When Mr Doodles and sister went to the appointment, I don't go and that is another blog for sure. Buddy was weighed and he was down four pounds, now that's a big weight loss for a fourteen pound cat. Well they suggested doing a blood test to determine if he had a hyper active thyroid, which I understand is quite common in cats and given that Buddy will be celebrating his 14th birthday July 4th we kinda knew what the results would be.

Well now here is a little side issue, Buddy the cat HATES, HATES like HELL going to the vets. When he walks in the door, well is taken thru the door in his cute little red cat carrier.......the walls literally start to shake from his low growling. And the reason I do not accompany Mr Doodles is they have to muzzle Buddy.

The blood tests were administered after muzzling the poor little fella. They gave him a bit of gas to knock him out, I was so happy about that because then there is no side effects of groggyness and stumbling like a drunk.

Well the blood tests came back positive and yes Buddy does have a hyperactive thyroid. Hopefully we caught it early and the meds given will take care of the problem. The meds he is on will be taken for a month and then a follow-up blood test. Oh swell another vet is gonna be subjected to Buddy's wrath.

I want to thank the nice people at my sisters vets office who were so kind and accommodating to our sweet Buddy. So stay tuna'd for Buddy updates!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remember this

blog I did? Well it seems I am now a finalist. They requested a photo of meself. Won't know the results until mid-July BUT you'll hear it here first I promise. So stay tuna'd

Monday, April 21, 2008

A reminder

of Earth Day that is approaching.......Get involved

Wanna see something FUN!!! Go to PBE and see what we made.

Thanks to my friend Tie for the terrific suggestion.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Plans change......

Boy do they ever!!! And the major reason is because of the dopes in Washington allowing the oil producing companies to screw the general public.

In case you didn't hear
Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve recently stated that "we may be nearing a recession". Then the President says and I quote "the economy is facing some challenging times". WTH - are these people living in the real world? How can you live in Washington, inside the beltway and be so arrogant and outta touch, just absolutely amazes me. Come on, didn't your momma ever tell you that honesty is the best policy. Be honest with us and tell us the real deal. Well who cares now most of the dopes in Washington are going to be gone in a few months then there will be new folks there. Please don't let them all be dopes. I have ranted on now haven't I......sorry but it just pisses me off that the country is in this horrible situation and it could have been averted.

So...............due to the high cost of diesel fuel we are
NOT going to Alaska. It would be about nine/ten thousand miles round trip from where we are right now. That's not making any side trips. And why would anyone drive all that way to visit that beautiful state and try to conserve fuel.

Sooooooooooo we are headed to Big Sky Country, West Yellowstone to be exact. Can you say photo opportunity..................Oh Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh go to that website for West Yellowstone and find the web cams they have and ALL the snow still on the ground.

Mr Doodles and I will be doing what is referred to in the RV world as Workamping Our time there will be mid May to the end of September. Once we get there and get settled I will let y'all know the address. Right now we will leave here in a couple a days to spend some time with sweet seester and dear brother-in-law. Mr Doodles is gonna make sister a window seat for her new and improved and quite gorgeous office.

OK gonna go find some warm socks for Mr Doodles cause his feets get cold. But stay tuna'd cause there will be adventures along the way and tons a photos.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is different.......

OK I found this funny little gadget on another blog I go to on a fairly regular basis. You can click on an individual photo to zoom. Al photos were taken by Mr Doodles.

We went up to see the Tehachapi Loop Mr Doodles has been here before when BIL took him up to see this engineering marvel. So before we left this area he wanted me to see it as well.I know I went oh ok, and my mind was saying it's a train on a track for heavens sake what's the big deal?!? Well it is a big deal and amazing to see, one of those ya have to see it to appreciate. And what else is there are two sets of tracks, so one train can pass another on this loop.

Now the bonus was seeing The National Chavez Center and The Cesar Chavez Memorial Garden. What a beautiful place tucked away in the canyon of the Tahachapi mountains and only a half hour from Bakersfield.

So the following is an experiment and has a sound with have my permission to turn off the sound.

OK here ya go click play and see how what ya think............and please let me know OK!!!

Click to play Tehachapi Loop
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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Twin...

or long lost brother or sister of our sweet but evil cat Buddy.........this could honestly be his twin. When my sister told me about this photo I LMAO. Showed it to Mr Doodles and he thought it was Buddy, because the caption would fit his personality.

another fun photo from I can has Cheezburger

But alas it's not Buddy cause he only has one gray whisker on each side.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ya don't have to be Scottish

to enjoy going to any Scottish Highland Games & Festivals. Always good entertainment, superb food vendors and fun, fun people oh and a few good beers to be had!!! Happy to say we dined of true British fish and chips YUMMM...

Read in the paper about the Kern County Scottish Festival.......there ya go.
We were fortunate enough to see the opening ceremonies as we entered the gates, by that I mean this pipe band marched in right behind us.

Mr Doodles and I have always been fond of the Black Watch Scottish Pipe Bands and have seen them in concert many times. How fortunate for us we had the opportunity to hear something new, well new to us. Introduced to a group called the
Wicked Tinkers I don't think there's another band quite like the Wicked Tinkers in existence. Super-high-energy, with a huge bagpipe/drums/sometimes didgeridoo sound, they add life into traditional folk music that sometimes lacks energy and innovation. It's impossible to sit still while listening to their music.......cause these boys do not lack energy. They were certainly worth the price of admission - plus we sat thru two of their shows.

The above photo shows just three of the group.

A beautiful spring afternoon....good time had by all.

Monday, April 07, 2008

This is a lot of $$$

Headline reads............. Desert tortoises moved for tanks Hundreds of Mojave Desert tortoises are being moved to make room for more tank training at the Army's Fort Irwin. There are approximately 800 of the reptiles to be relocated from the Army land to public plots must be approved by the U S Geological Survey and other experts at a cost of (are ya ready for this??) $8.5 million.
YOWZER!!! the journalist did not write yowzer but I sure did

Now I love turtles/tortoises as much as the next person I do but lordy.................Mr Doodles was going to volunteer his Big A$$ truck and his time at a fraction of cost $10,000 per tortoise.

read the full story here

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ashamed I am........

OK I have preached before, even have a counter on my blog about plastic bag usuage <<<<<<<<<< over there on the left. I keep hearing the saying "practice what you preach" !!!

Living in an RV wow... free go where ya wanna go and all that jazz. But space is tight so one must be aware of what you buy and think about food storage. Yep you know where I'm going with this huh?!?!?!?!!! I have become dependent on this product DAMN IT!!!

I have a small fridge so using the bags make for easy storage. This is NOT an excuse, trust me I know better I just don't know what to use in place of my addiction. Notice I used the word easy...maybe I should not think about easy, but think more future repercussions.

There are forums specifically for RV'rs and lifestyle and such. Not one place do they discuss recycling...OH Lord this is sinful and I am going to make this a project to make these folks more responsible. Trust me they are aware just NOT doing their part.

OK let's not put the blame on RV'rs completely cause many, actually most RV parks DO NOT recycle. I know it's hard to believe however I think it boils down to costs. BUT why don't the cities that where the RV parks reside force them to recycle. I am telling ya this is true because we traveled some twenty thousand miles since last May and have only seen three RV parks that recycled.

So is there a group that I can join to help me get unhooked, or is there a twelve step program that can help? My sister and I have briefly discussed this but without any solutions.
I am not a hypocrite just not sure where to go.............. I need direction.

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave all comments and ideas right here in the comment area please........I'll share all ideas so...................stay tuna'd!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

remember the Blossom Trail

well I was brazen enough to send my photos to the Fresno County Tourism office and they posted my photos on their site, wow thanks!!!

We made the trip just a couple hours up the road from where we are right now. Great time and I was quite happy with my photos. I posted about it here

But pop on over to the Blossom Trail photos are there along with many other talented photo takers.

Now when we head out for our trek North we will head up that same path and hopefully we will be able to drive the Fresno County Fruit Trail

Sooooooo stay tuna'd for more photos!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fine lookin furbabies

Mr Doodles and I recently attended the

Kern County Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trials.

What a fun day!!!

click on the photo to enlarge

If you ever want a smile

You must, if you haven't already, go to this site Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures - I Can Has Cheezburger?

I warn you it's addictive and you will go back drop what you're doing and go now cause I know you need a smile or even a good belly laugh.

There are so many photos but this one just made me laugh lots...