Monday, March 10, 2008

You say Chickens

and they say Silkies.......Oh my word when sister was visiting this past weekend we started our day at the poultry show at the fairgrounds. Don't ask why I have NO idea but it was interesting to say the least. Come to find out these creatures are treated likeany other show animal. Some of them are blowed dried and fluffed.

Here are a few of the furry creatures we viewed. I know kimmy this would not besomething that you would enjoy HA!!!!!!!!

After the Poultry Show we found our way to a few of our favorite antiquing haunts. And low and behold we discovered that there was a glass collectors show that same weekend. How lucky could we be.

I was lucky enough to receive, from sister, a beautiful piece of Heisey a birthday gift...Woo Hoo thanks again sister. We both collect Depression glass to we ooooh and ahhhh'd all day. Sister also got a couple a bargains at the collector show.

Sister also gave me the nickel tour of Bakersfield and where to go and more important where not to go. That to me is worth a LOT!!! Thanks sister it was fun.


Moon said...

I love those birds!

Twinville said...

I am truly enjoying your Blog.
I stumbled her from Scary's West and have already spent close to an hour reading through some of your older blog posts.

You have an interesting life.

Thanks for the great time!