Saturday, March 15, 2008

At my age

I have come to realize I don't need a lot a schtuff.

I recently celebrated a birthday. So Mr Doodles, being the kind soul that he is asks me every year what would you like for your birthday? Well my answer this year was nothing really. We live in an RV and travel so needs are small. Oh I could have said a day at the spa...nah, I like to do that with sister and niece.

Well the birthday went like this, a hike in the morning, back for a shower, off to do some errands, then a lovely lunch at a favorite restaurant in town, Mexican I might add.

During lunch I mentioned to Mr D that sister and I saw a bench similar to something that he is going to build for sister. He wanted to go and see it, which we did and he sorta nixed that and said what I could make would be better..HA!!! He's right I think.

Being near Target I thought we'd pop in and take a look around and I mentioned I would like to look at the vacuums. Ours is just not good enough for our needs. Don't ever take Mr Doodles shopping OK, he has to look at every unit, read all the information and then make his decision. While he did that I was able to go thru the whole store and pick up items I wanted and came back to where I left the dear man. When he put the vacuum of his choice in the basket I said BINGO!!!

We get to the checkout and as the young cashier rings up our purchases he turns to me with a smile on his face and says "happy birthday"......sweet cashier says "my husband better never buy me a vacuum for my birthday". Darlin I say it's not a big deal after 39 years of wedded bliss and 65 happy birthdays. When we left she was hysterical with laughter.

The day ended with the dinning on a wonderful hot fudge sundae at one of the very bestest ice cream I have had the pleasure of eating. They have wonder candy too, but if you are ever in Bakersfield check out Dewars

Oddly enough they don't have a web site that includes their ice cream but this one is for the candy products

So all and all Mr Doodles done good, gotta love a man that takes ya out for a hot fudge sundae.


Moon said...

Ya know, just when you want to kick them in the rump they go and do something right. Go figure.

Barbara said...

Ah... Happy birthday, and sounds like your happy life has been your gift.

Best wishes for many more.

noble pig said...

I once got a blender for my B-day and I was soooooooooo mad! I guess I'm still too young...

Jillicious said...

I remember being horrified that my mom got snow tires for their anniversary.. now, I would LOVE a vaccum for my b-day. Oh, how our priorities change!

Have a wonderful Easter!