Monday, March 24, 2008

Would you do this?????

I can tell you I have and would continue..............I'm talking about haggling.

An article in the New York Times hit the wires and all of the media is picking it up and running sound bites on every TV and radio station across the country. Well understandable given the economy.

Some folks carry it a bit too far as is normal when people tend to go overboard. But I believe that bargaining for a better price on larger ticket items such as electronics and appliances is going to be around for a good while. Now going in a bargaining for a pair of pants to knock 10$ off to me is not prudent. Save your haggling skills for bigger items.

So if you are in the market for a new TV cause the FCC has deemed all has to be transmitted in digital format........go practice up on your haggling skills cause the big boy stores are now expecting you to at least try.

Wonder if I can do that when I go to the Flying J and get my diesel fuel for the BIG A** truck............NOT!!!

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Anonymous said...

One interstate that we used to travel frequently had a Flying J. We would stop every time we passed and eat their breakfast buffet. Well, the bacon was delicious and I would eat about 8-10 slices. We did this for several months and when I went for my checkup, my cholestrol was sky high. The doctor said, "What in the world has happened?" It hit me like a rock and I knew that my days at the Flying J were over. But it surely was good while it lasted!