Sunday, October 22, 2006

How did it happen

that manicures became so popular. And why is there a nail shop or two on every block in every city. I think this is amazing that so many people are getting their nails done.

Now I understand acrylic nails, they do require maintenance. Years ago I had them and went every two weeks for my fill. But people are now going every week, some every two weeks to get a manicure. And when I say people I mean men too.

Times sure have changed when you would just carry a nail file or emery board in your purse and whip it out from time to time and file your nails. I still have a nail file that was my moms
What prompted us to think we needed to be professionaly manicured? But there is no better feeling than to have your poor little arthritec hands massaged by a professional.

Oh well maybe there is when you talk pedicures...stay tuna'd

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