Saturday, October 07, 2006

Customer for life

I have posted several times regarding the good, the bad and the ugly of customer service in this country. On a whole I think it stinks. Sorry but people are rude and defensive if you should return a product or have a problem. I always thought that killing them with kindness is the best way to go. Nah not anymore. Customer service folks take on the attitude that the customer is never right and screw you.

I had an experience this past week that exceeds expert, highest quality customer service.

I pay all of my bills with online banking and have for many years. My bank of choice is Bank of America.

This past August I paid my flood insurance premium. We, here in Florida think that's a good thing to have you know just in case. OK I get a notice from the flood insurance company that my premium was due. I think I will be calling these fine folk cause we be approaching mid hurricane season. First I go online and check to make sure that said bank did what I asked them to do. And yes they had and I got confirmation number etc. OK so I call the nice folks at the insurance copamy and tell the customer service person my story. Well they are going to look into this and get back with me. A week later I get another notice that my policy will lapse on October the 8th.

Now I'm upset with these people what did you do with my money I'm thinking. So I go to my bank and ask them to FAX a copy of check front and back to the insurance company. No problem these people at the bank are as nice as can be. I call the insurance company the next day, they say" yes we got the FAX but that doesn't look like our stamp on the back". "You must pay your premium, time is running out Mrs Doodles".

Oh lord it took a lot for me not to tear into this DOPE! But what good would that have done, I'll just let the bank do it. Emailed my now best friend at B of A and she emails me back saying that they, B of A, put an URGENT on this matter and it would be handled by October 6th.

I get a call of Friday, October 6th from B of A saying that they were depositing the dollar amount of my premium into my checking account. Would I call my insurance company and pay the premium on Saturday. "Excuse me I said", you are putting the money in my account? Why?!!! "Well we know how important you insurance is in Florida or anywhere for that matter and we don't want you to be without". I said this was not your mistake, I did my job by paying, and you did your job by sending off the payment". "The insurance company dropped the ball and didn't do their job". B of A lady said "yes we know and don't expect an apology from them."
"Don't you worry we'll get our money, now they owe B of A".

Now have you ever had such great customer service? That is why I will be a B of A customer for life.

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tiedye said...

I lovvvvvve Bank of America. I think they used to be Nations Bank, and then I can't remember what before that. We have been with them forever as well. So glad you reported a GOOD customer service experience, Doo!!