Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What's a trip with my sister without a minor injury

Now I know you were not expecting this but I'm a gonna give it to ya anyway.

While on the way out the door on our way to the desert.....I tripped, fell on my knees, went forward hit me little head but being that it is a hard head didn't knock me out but did give me quite a bump on the noggin. So my sweet brother-in-law went got me an ice pack from the freezer and a towel to wrap my knee. Got in the car and off to the desert we went. No bruises or broken appendages are going to stop us....think that's our family motto now that I think of it.

About half way into our trip which should be about three hours the knee began to get quite large and shiny. Hmmmmm I say this is not a good sign....seems like a trip to urgent care may be in order.

Get to Mary's house, deposit our luggage and park my butt on the couch and applied more ice in an elevated position. I was pleased to see that on my insurance card was the all popular "ask an RN. Yeah!!!! Called that and talked to the sweetest lady and she told me I was doing the all the right things, comes from experience you see, and that I could wait and go to urgent care in the a.m.

That we did we were there at eight a.m. being the first little customer patient of the day. Long story short, nothing is broken, but bruised from the knee cap down. It is not a pretty site let me tell ya.

Everyone knows how much I love my sister, but she was absolutely a terrific attendant. She went and got dinner for us, found me some ibuprofen and has driven me around since the tumble. I know I would do the same for her but let me tell ya my seester is the best.

So two more weeks of the trip, stay tuna'd................


Cottage Kid said...

How many Corona's brought about that mishap?
Till next time...
Cottage Kid

La Vida Dulce said...

OH MY! Keep cool and enjoy the rest of the summer!