Friday, May 22, 2015

Summertime favorite

for many that would be strawberries.  That includes this household.  And we are a lucky household because we happen to be in the very finest growing area for strawberries, well actually berries of all kinds.  This area is great for growing tasty grapes for your wine pleasure.  But strawberry growers from the area feed the USA and some areas of Canada.  

this is what a strawberry should look like red all the way thru
Unfortunately you may notice a price increase this year in a lot of your produce not just berries.  You can blame it on the drought we are having in California.  Just remember we are all paying the price even though most of the berries are grown in our back yard.  Wonder what it's going to do to the wine prices.

We hear this may be an El Niño year but if you read all the quotes you'll see it is not to be a solution to our drought situation.  So..........

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