Friday, May 08, 2015

The life of an RV'er

I have written more than once about our life in our RV.  It can be quite rewarding .  Think about it.  Your retired without a care in the world traveling around the USA and Canada meeting up with old friends and making new ones.  Aaaaahhhh there's the tiny problem.  Well not a problem really just a difficulty.  Making new friends and then moving on to another area.  But then we do have a bit of Gypsy in our soul.

As we have traveled in our RV we have visited almost every state in the Continental US and several Provinces in Canada.

Have been rewarded with making new friends everywhere we have dropped anchor. We have situated ourselves of late, near family which is such a plus.  My family actually,  as Mr's family is waaaay up in Canada.  Nothing better than talking to my sister and planning a day of meeting up and having lunch and just being together.  

Where we are now it's like a small family.  Occasionally we may enjoy meals together, potluck style. You never know who is gonna come by to share a meal.  Certainly all are welcome. The weather here is a bit cooler in the evenings so a warm meal around a well built fire is quite welcome.  This weekend the weather will still be on the cool side so I'm going to make my posole.  Find the recipe here.  This is a hearty soup stew kinda meal, perfect for this weather.   Someone will surely make cornbread or bring some crusty bread.

This could be a fun summer


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