Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updated talent that I'm betting you didn't know about

I am not going to beg but I would appreciate a yes or no comment if this is something you would like me to continue.

Many of the shops over on the Etsy site are gearing up for the holiday shoppers.  I hear the groaning but folks it's closer than you think look at the calendar.  Don't get caught having to go thru a horrible last minute crush of shopping morons.  Be smart shop early.  Here are a few of my favorite shops lately.  And as a reminder please check the shops policies and shipping charges before you hit the order button.

For those of you getting married soon I am going to do a whole wedding post soon.  There are just amazing shops on Etsy.

Now as you know you can always go shopping at our shop  

Click a link and go shopping!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

There is a season for everything

This big guy 3-4 inches long, is called a Mexican General.  But has a latin name also.  When those camo wings spread underneath is a beautiful red and gold color.  They don't fly far most creep and hop.  They do carry their lady friend on their backs.
Most of us enjoy four seasons, we are not one of them thank you very much!!  Let's list some of the seasons.

  • allergy season...........not for me cause my allergies know NO season.  They are with me always.
  • there is the rainy season.  now that happens to be different for different areas of the US.  Here in Southern Arizona we have monsoon that are with us for the merry months of June, July and August.  Please note it is September as I type and the rain is still with us.  I'll call Mother Nature and tell her to flip her calendar.
  • And then there is bug/insect season.  We seem to have an enormous, more than last year, grasshoppers.  All shapes and sizes, who knew!!
  • That dreaded word snake.  Lots of non life threatening snakes that wander thru the grasses and scare the living S**T out of ya when slither by.  I am not good at recognizing the different species, well with the exception of the rattler, so I just have a healthy respect for all of them.  As a side note of trivia just in case any of you come upon a diamond back rattler.  Those bastards have learned how not to rattle.  The discovered after all these years that if they rattle they'll get caught.  So beware with your eyeballs not your ears.  Just thought you should know this.
  • Spiders.........I don't like spiders.  One bit me this summer and it's taking forever to heal.  No it wasn't a poisonous one but a spider none the less. We mainly have here black widows and bark scorpions.  Oh and the stink bugs............don't step on them.  Ask me how I know.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Time to de-clutter AGAIN!!

Seems  hard to believe that we are going into our seventh year of RV'ing.  Or as my sister likes to refer to us as the Gypsies.  

I would not trade the last few years for anything.  The people we have met, friends we have made and oh yeah the places we have seen.  This life, I know, is not for everyone.  But my friend if you have a fleeting thought that it might be fun give it a go.  I would not want to be the one to say ya know ya shoulda tried RV'ing.

Now about that de-clutter stuff.  I am amazed at what you can accumulate in such a short time.  And my other amazement is how much crap you can cram into  a 34 foot RV.  There are nooks and crannies EVERYWHERE!!

We have been here in the desert of Southern Arizona  for six months.  Being in one spot for that long you tend to get comfortable and accumulate.  I am seeing a trip to Salvation Army next week.  As we will be leaving here the end of the month.

But I'm thinking that de-cluttering is healthy.  It will clear my mind to prepare for pumpkins and trees.  Yes folks it's that time.

Friday, September 06, 2013

More talent activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Crafty................... clever at achieving one's aims by indirect or deceitful methods.

I know a few crafty people  but I know  more people that know their craft.

Here let me show you

I'm getting some of these for will love them.  How clever she is making these gems.

These gals are so clever and talented.  I have a couple a favorites.  Makeup bags are  a item I covet.

I think I need a key chain that is brite and cheery.  Check these out.

Say no more I need this brooch

Celia puts out some very pretty sparkly pieces.....................some would look terrific with our beaded bracelets.

Domenica has some very pretty stones I need to look into her shop for a project I have in mind.

Are these cute or what!!

Last but never least my beautiful and talented sister and her stunning art work

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

e-commerce is EVERYWHERE!!!

I mean everywhere.  I am not going to list them all but I am going to mention a few.

There's Goldsmith that seems to be very similar to Etsy

Of course there is Facebook for selling.  It's called StoreYa.  Why they got into this I'll never know.

I understand My Space is coming back strong and trying to rival iTunes.  Good Luck!!

We got tumblr, stumbleupon, pinterest, wanelo, luulla, and a number of others that escape me at the moment.

My sister sells her art on a ecommerce site strictly for artists.  I'll post all the links next week.  Sister's art work in a word is stunning!!

This site I discovered just the other day  Kitsy Lane.  Interesting article.  I am not an expert at these kind of sites however I appreciate them.  It is obvious they know something I don't know.  Look out Etsy this one could sting ya!!

Now don't think I am talking behind Etsy's back I am not.  Many of these comments have been made on the forum over there.  Many disgruntled sellers.  Maybe they just don't like change.  I say don't get your knickers in a twist and do what you came to Etsy to do.  I am forever an optimist, the glass is always half full kinda person.

Having said all this I have no intention of leaving Etsy at the moment but I did set up a stand alone site that I dearly love.  You might like it also.  It has a very odd name  TicTail.  They are based in the Netherlands and are growing by leaps and bounds.  Are they going to turn into any Etsy? gads who knows but like I always say