Monday, September 28, 2009


Can you hear my excitement

Right now we are motoring down Interstate 15 headed South, in the same time zone as sister and family, that's a good thing folks.

So I'm gonna lay low for a few days, next time you'll hear from me will be in Southern California.

As always.................................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One more day

Dear Lord please give me one more day
One more day of getting old
One more day to watch the meadows green
Or to see the aspens turn to gold.

Just one more day to visit with friends we've met
Another day upon a mountain top
Breathing air that's fresh and sweet.
Good Lord you know I truly love this life
Although I seldom pray
And I thank you so that I've been blessed
To live it day by day.
But, if you had just one more precious day
That I could beg, steal or borrow
I'd live with appreciation, zeal and pride
Then I'd ask again tomorrow.
red scrub oak and golden aspen with a few pines mixed in

This is a portion of a poem written and
read by John Nel
son at an afternoon of Cowboy Poetry at a local book store. Too bad I couldn't get any photos but they weren't permitted. So having just recently heard this poem, Mr Doodles and I decided OK one more day.............we'll go to the mountains. Oh my word, picture this.............. a twelve mile trip up a gravel/dirt road to what is called Rainbow Lake. That gravel road is lined with sagebrush, scrub oak, those stunning golden aspen and some of the tallest pine trees we have ever seen. Around every bend on the grimy dirty road were many ooohs and aaahs, some of which I'll share with you here and on my photo blog.

We'll be packing up here and heading south in the next couple of days. We will miss the friends and the area a lot.

Please enjoy the photos I have taken while spending the day on the mountain..........oh did I tell you when we were up there on top of this mountain some 10,300 foot elevation it SNOWED!!! Now ya know why we are headed south?!?!

See SNOW!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A new love

Y'all know I love my husband of almost thirty nine years, I love my cat Buddy for fifteen years, my family forever and my friends, what would I be without my friends..............but..............there's always that BUT my friend Tie says.

Meet my new love..........pretty isn't he and he's fast, fast, & sleek.
Everyone in this household has a name me, Mr Doodles, Buddy Grace the RV and Louie the truck so he needs a name and I haven't come up with one leave your suggestions in the comments

Monday, September 14, 2009

A storm brewing

We woke the other morning to this grim looking sky.............then not even a half hour later was this bright, beautiful view of a very vibrant rainbow. Both these photos are straight out of the camera with no fiddling with em.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mind if I am a bit appalled

First let me say I have never met a Carolinian I didn't like until last nite and to all the Carolinian's that I do know I still love ya bunches. Y'all have had a bad year so far with your politicians, but hey maybe it's just y'all turn.

We are all Americans, we all have free speech but not to the point of being rude, would it have been better if the camera was on him and he mouthed liar, we would have all said oh my shame on him and that was it..............but nooooooooooo the dope had to scream out loud..................My dear
Mr Wilson y'all made a big fat mistake darlin!!!

"For eight years, my taxes funded a war I opposed, which was fought under false pretenses, begun with false information and driven by false motivations. Never once did someone scream, “LIAR!” at the President of the United States during a Congressional address."Go to this blog read the whole article. I am sorry to say I am just appalled at the conduct of many adults this year. Seems President Obama has brought out the worst in a lot of y'all.

Taking charge

Now I know how the employees felt when we left them in charge of our business. If you know me then you know I have no fear especially of being in charge.

Gunnison Lakeside Resort is a beautiful place with stunning vistas, some I have shown you with photos here and on my photo blog Imagine. We love being here.

The owners, Ms P and Mr S are taking a well deserved few days off to accomplish a few needed appointments and maybe get in some relaxation.

What I fear most though is something mechanical happening that Mr or I can't handle..................keep good thoughts please

If you ever get up this way you really ought to come thru this area cause highway 50 in the United states is just beautiful..................even Tom Brokaw is doing a series on the highway.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Many of us have short memories

go google and see how many Presidents have spoken to school children..........well the only recent President that didn't was President George W. Bush.

Now don't get your knickers in a twist when I say this but the only talk W gave to school children was on 9~11 when he read My Pet Goat to a group of school children in, I think, Tampa Florida.

I'll never forget the look on that poor man's face when his chief of staff, Andrew Card walked over and whispered in his ear about the terrorist bombings in New York City. At that very moment I felt sorry for him, in spite of my many objections of the man he was still our President.

I surely hope that the address Mr Obama gives to the school children of this nation, I hope it doesn't become partisan but by golly it's looking that way. And I must really be a dope cause I'm not seeing the harm talking to children about their dreams and encouraging them to reach their goals and stay in school...................what am I missing here........................why the fear? Isn't education our most important product? It used to be!