Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One more day

Dear Lord please give me one more day
One more day of getting old
One more day to watch the meadows green
Or to see the aspens turn to gold.

Just one more day to visit with friends we've met
Another day upon a mountain top
Breathing air that's fresh and sweet.
Good Lord you know I truly love this life
Although I seldom pray
And I thank you so that I've been blessed
To live it day by day.
But, if you had just one more precious day
That I could beg, steal or borrow
I'd live with appreciation, zeal and pride
Then I'd ask again tomorrow.
red scrub oak and golden aspen with a few pines mixed in

This is a portion of a poem written and
read by John Nel
son at an afternoon of Cowboy Poetry at a local book store. Too bad I couldn't get any photos but they weren't permitted. So having just recently heard this poem, Mr Doodles and I decided OK one more day.............we'll go to the mountains. Oh my word, picture this.............. a twelve mile trip up a gravel/dirt road to what is called Rainbow Lake. That gravel road is lined with sagebrush, scrub oak, those stunning golden aspen and some of the tallest pine trees we have ever seen. Around every bend on the grimy dirty road were many ooohs and aaahs, some of which I'll share with you here and on my photo blog.

We'll be packing up here and heading south in the next couple of days. We will miss the friends and the area a lot.

Please enjoy the photos I have taken while spending the day on the mountain..........oh did I tell you when we were up there on top of this mountain some 10,300 foot elevation it SNOWED!!! Now ya know why we are headed south?!?!

See SNOW!!!

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Anonymous said...

I envy you for the adventure you are living!