Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mind if I am a bit appalled

First let me say I have never met a Carolinian I didn't like until last nite and to all the Carolinian's that I do know I still love ya bunches. Y'all have had a bad year so far with your politicians, but hey maybe it's just y'all turn.

We are all Americans, we all have free speech but not to the point of being rude, would it have been better if the camera was on him and he mouthed liar, we would have all said oh my shame on him and that was it..............but nooooooooooo the dope had to scream out loud..................My dear
Mr Wilson y'all made a big fat mistake darlin!!!

"For eight years, my taxes funded a war I opposed, which was fought under false pretenses, begun with false information and driven by false motivations. Never once did someone scream, “LIAR!” at the President of the United States during a Congressional address."Go to this blog read the whole article. I am sorry to say I am just appalled at the conduct of many adults this year. Seems President Obama has brought out the worst in a lot of y'all.


Moon said...

Well, someone did throw a shoe at the former president but he went to jail.

I agree.

Bee said...

Rude is rude, whether you're Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, Southern or not-lucky-enough-to-be-Southern. We are havin' a time with our good ol' boys this year, aren't we?