Thursday, July 30, 2009

too much going on and not

enough time to photo and partake in the surrounding gorgeous scenery. The weather has ruined all the wildflowers. I was going to attend a photo seminar that included a one day hike with a local guy that knows photography and the hoo weather canceled the outing................dang.

Think we'll take a day off next week and venture out on our own. Mr Doodles said I had to pay him as my tour guide since I received a refund.

Friday, July 24, 2009


My photo blog is under some changes check it out...............Imagine

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Angry ramblings

Just let me rant OK?!? Now I must also say it isn't right to lump all folks together but the majority of my list have created such tremendous problems in this country I'm putting them all in the same GREEDY group. I despise greed!!!

I am very annoyed and quite angry with the following folks:

  • Wall Street...............these folks have ruined my portfolio and maybe have put a dent in yours as well.
  • these morons are able to pay back the bailout $$$ because they have increased the interest rates on most of our (yours and mine) credit cards. So I have mailed back all my credit cards to the morons and told them to find another sucker. We still have just one card and trust me that's all we need.
  • Auto makers................were these dopes asleep when Honda and Toyota came out with their fuel saving vehicles? Was there not one person sitting around the table that suggested to compete with Hinda or Toyota...........guess not.
  • Health Insurance these yahoo's are really the greediest bunch (IMHO). I will share with you one story that is true but happened several years ago.
Husband and I owned our own business, had our own health insurance and even was able to offer it to employees. Well one afternoon my appendix decided to explode and I ended up in the ER, then intensive care and it goes on for about six weeks. I survived in spite of the treatment but that is not the problem. Three items stood out when I saw the itemized bill one was a ten dollar box of tissue, second item was a four dollar hairbrush that appeared on the bill twelve times and the last item really bout put me over the edge a box of tampons and a package of kotex.

Now I should tell you I had a hysterectomy years before the explosion of the appendix. OK I pick up the phone, get thru to the person handling my claim, explain that two of the items I never saw while being a guest at that hospital and yes I probably had a box of kleenex but ten dollars, come on folks.

Here's where it gets good, the claims person said "well to be honest it isn't worth fussing over". They weren't charging me they were billing the insurance company but isn't it WRONG to pay for something you never received.

Now do y'all understand why health care insurance is out of control, this is just one example and there must be thousands more.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary Moon

Do you realize that Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the moon forty years ago today. Why you ask would I care or even remember such an event.

Well our dear Mother had a Moon Landing party. The invitees were mostly friends from where Momma worked, one of those friends/invitees was my now husband.
Ya see sister, momma and myself all lived together three single, eligible females. Turned out this event was my first date with husband and also the first date my sister had with her now husband.

So the moon landing is a momentous event that I always seem to remember.
I still remember after watching David Brinkley and then Walter Cronkite, these two media giants so humbled by the landing and all the hoopla surrounding the event, then walking outside with Mr Doodles looking up and both of us absolutely amazed that the men we just saw on TV are on the moon we are looking at in our front yard.

The fifty year anniversary is not that far off.............................

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drink your milk

Here's what happened. A lady here at the RV resort went fishing with her husband, while walking down to the river she slipped and fell on a rock. Come to find out the two breaks that incurred were bad breaks. Her surgery was yesterday and the surgeon discovered that she has the beginnings of osteoporosis.

I am now going to nag all my female friends and readers to get thee to your Dr and ask to have a bone density test. I'm a big believer in calcium replacement as well as vitamin D and bone density tests. The test is not invasive at all, quite simple actually.

Ya know you could just google the word osteoporosis and come up with all kinds of information. I'm a member of NOF and have been for quite sometime.

This woman that had this terrible, painful accident is not old at all, maybe a few pounds overweight but certainly not obese by any means. She was quite fortunate by having the incident happen here as the surgeons handle a lot of ski accidents in the winter and they know bones. But in a wheelchair with a non walking cast none the less for about two months................ouch!!!

Just do me a favor look into this would ya please.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

How does one get

yarn from sheep to needle? What the heck is she talking about you say? Jump on over to my sweet nieces blog here You'll be asked to enter your twitter password, no need just hit cancel and read on.

I suggest you follow along for the week of her wonderful adventure. Uncle Doodles thinks this is a hoot by the way.

Hope your adventure is all you want it to be sweet niece!!!

and yes definitely

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another Birthday

Did I ever show you this?

Bet on the photo and you can read about Buddy and the vet that saved him. Dr. Baker always had a special spot in his heart for Buddy. The whole time we lived in Key Largo he never charged us for any visits that he had to make.

In the caption under the photo (yep that's Buddy) it mentions that he was rescued........turns out he was found in the mouth of said large dog after the dog killed the momma cat as well as his brothers and sister kitties. So Buddy was an orphan and Dr. George thought of himself as his guardian angel.

A few days after they found Buddy the Baker's were invited to our house for a dinner party, Mrs B called to ask if she could bring a kitten they just rescued. Of course bring the baby kitten............when Mr Doodles held that kitten it was all over he was now our baby.

Dr George and Mrs B found Buddy on the 4th of July so that's when we celebrate his special day.

Sure wish Dr. George and Mrs B were around to help you celebrate your 15th year.

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!