Tuesday, November 01, 2005

looking for a tree...........

Where is that tree............???
OK our mother, bless her creative little heart, had a gold foil, somewhat embossed, Christmas tree that she dearly loved and decided to do something with. Knowing ma it could be just about anything. It was a Hallmark item, so in it's original form it was a decoration for something probably a package. Now momma decided to put that pretty gold tree decorations on a package and give it to one of our family members. They in turn would be the keeper of the "tree" and the next year pass the pretty little "tree" on to someone else. We did this for many. many years. My husband & I lived far from thefamily so when one of us got the "tree" it was a gift in itself sorta. And very special.......aaawwww I got the "tree" - too cool.
Momma passed away in 2002, and we all miss her terribly. We loved all of her wonderful quirky traditions that were so much fun and done with such love. Talking to my sis yesterday - we don't know where the "tree" is. Hey Lo.................. do you know?????
stay tuna'd

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