Thursday, November 03, 2005

greed gone overboard, WAAAAAY overboard

The headline reads “Java with Jesus” and an artists rendering of a Starbucks logo
with a picture of Jesus in the middle. Short and simple the article states that there will also be a verse underneath that new logo written by Rick Warren, best selling author, pastor (of sorts) and obviously a huckster. Ya know now that I think about it the man reminds me of Uncle Bob, who also was a pastor of sorts and a real huckster. But I digress and that could be another story.

In the article it says “if religion is good for Starbucks, is Starbucks good for religion?”

Ok in a nutshell this is my belief that all these people are greedy, very, very greedy marketing people. And all of this is beginning to piss me off.

The article which was originally published in the New York Times a week or so ago, so you may have read about this in your paper, but here in Florida we be a bit slow on the uptake

Now I was going to write about all the “pink stuff” out there. Why do these marketing people want to inundate us, haven’t they heard that less is more. And ya know if ya pick up the item and read that a portion of the sales goes to whatever, I say prove it. I don't trust the slimy SOB's. Now I’m am not against making breast cancer awareness more out there to the general public. Heck I have a pink magnet thingy on my car. And by the way the only magnet thingy on my car. But folks they have “pink things” even in pet stores. Walmart, bless there little hearts, oh wait they don’t have hearts do they, anyhoo there was pink stuff EVERYWHERE during the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month I’m sure you know. And now it is November and there is still some “pink stuff” floating around their store but where will all this won't I'll just have to try and ignore the greedy bastards.

I was also going to write about drilling for oil off the coast of Southwest Florida. Now that’s where we live or will live for just a few more months that is. This is gonna be a really big deal because it seems that Washington wants to ruin the beaches of the Southwest coast. Here’s the deal if the hurricanes don’t kill this state Washington is going to see that they take it down fer sure. Stay tuna’d ...............

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mooncrazy said...

In the current American lexicon the word "huckster" just isn't used enough.