Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I just don't get it...............

As of right now we are staying in Yuma, Arizona.  Along with being a border town this area is  also  referred to as the lettuce bowl of the United States.

Please explain to me on why that on January 18, 2011 I went to the grocery store, purchase a head of lettuce for the whopping amount of $1.49.  I look on the packaging and I  see that this head of iceburg lettuce is from some podunk town in Florida.  WHAT!!!

Like I said I just don't quite understand the workings of the agriculture business.  Having said that wouldn't it be better to buy what is grown local???  Not just because I paid waaaay too much for a head of lettuce to be transported from Florida to Arizona.  I bet someone just like me in Florida is saying WTH am I buying Arizona lettuce for when they grow the exact same thing down the road.

I am a tad annoyed..........but then I'm the dope that paid $1.49 for the stupid lettuce that came all the way from Florida to my market here in Arizona.

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