Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bogey has a new playmate

Well Hi there!!  Aren't you cute.
Well not really playmates in the strictest sense but he was quite interested that we were outside with these furry creatures and he wasn't.

An explanation needed here these are wild burros that roam these desert grounds.  They have been around for a very long time, back in the gold rush about them here.  Norm calls it donkeyland!!

You brought a friend

Our neighbor John getting acquainted with these  nosy burros.

What a sweet face..........this one was quite small.

I think Bogey just might enjoy the hummingbirds that frequent the area  a lot more than these wild burros. 


Moon said...

They are cute but do they hang around? Are they there every day? They could be like pigeons if you feed them.

Doodles said...

yep cute they are but cute with a kick!! Yep they could be like pigeions or even manatees that hang out like your place is a drive-in eatery!!