Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our third summer

Here in Gunnison, Colorado. But when sweet sister and dear bro-in-law visited it was the first time in this area.

No matter how many times I take the same photos the scenery always looks different.
My favorite spot at the Gunnison River.

Sister and I scooted out early one morning, I drove her to my favorite spots

Here we are......looks like we have rocks in our head and pockets!!


Bee said...

I love those shadow pictures. I think I want to do this with my sisters. And with Anna. And with Dear John. Heck, with all of my favorite people. Would be most awesome to have one taken with you!

Doodles said...

Bee take advantage of your 4th BBQ get together for some fun shadow shots. They are a lot of fun............I wanna do one at Thanksgiving with a turkey HA!!

Anonymous said...

I love the shadow pictures...... I did take one while I was in Egypt but I think it works better with more than one person. Or maybe I just like yours. Anyway, will try another while I'm in Paris with my Granddaughter... no doubt she will think it's hokey, but what does she know? She is only 17.

Moon said...

Hey, look how long my legs look!