Sunday, June 27, 2010

I hit the wall

What a week!! It was wonderful to have the Teardrop couple here for a few days. Stay caught up on their adventures here if ya like..............they have several more days on the road to home.

But then I had no idea that we would be that busy this week here at the RV joint. Seems like some folks are getting a jump on their Fourth of July get away. Now this week will be busy preparing for the big BBQ we have here for the revelers on July 4th.

It's lotsa fun, we invite all the folks staying here as long as they bring a side dish or dessert, the owners provide the burgers, hot dogs condiments and drinks. Always a fun time!! Then about 8:30 we all head to town to watch the fireworks.

So yesterday after getting up quite early to work a few hours, Mr and I toddled to town for a few supplies and lunch then back home for a long awaited nap. We even turned down a dinner invite. I have now caught up with my sleep, for awhile at least.

Lot's on the schedule for this week none of which will be photo taking. I do have some pics we took during the time the Teardroppers were here just haven't looked at them yet.


Bee said...

I love that you call them "Teardroppers." Is there a story to that? Something to do with their RV?

Anyway, been missin' ya. Glad you got some rest and hope the 4th is wonderful for you.

Doodles said...

Bee the RV they have is a 1947 (?) Teardrop.............cute little thing.