Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pow Wow

The local Native American tribe in the Yuma area are the Quechan (pronounced kech-an.) We recently attended the Quechan tribal Pow Wow. Many tribal Pow Wows are held in the spring sorta like a big coming out party.

This pow wow was held outside and we did notice the tribe is not nearly as large as most other tribal held pow wows, but the costumes were just as interesting and colorful as any other we have attended.

The bead work done on all of these costumes is phenominal. Many of the beadwork is done by the woman of the family. I had a wonderful conversation with one lady who did the beading on these ensembles/outfits/costumes.  And yes she referred to them as costumes.

All ages are involved in each tribal dance and this small child had his rhythm down perfect!! What a fun day!!


Moon said...

Will there be one while we are there? What about farmer's markets?

Bee said...

Aren't the colors luscious?! When you likened the Pow Wow to a big coming out party, I had a vision of pretty white dresses and elbow length gloves! With feathered headdresses!

Doodles said...

Nope no Pow Wow's only one tribe in this area. Farmer's markets winding down.........but a great flea market.

Bee you have a wonderful imagination!!

Anonymous said...

We've really enjoyed the Pow Wows that we've attended! Just a bit of information , though , the regalia that the participants wear should be referred to as outfits rather than costumes. Most of the dances have some religious meanings so it's would be the same as calling a priest's robe a costume.
Love your blog!