Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maybe just maybe

If we had one of these weight watchers in the kitchen we wouldn't need a Fat Tax or even a soda tax

I'm not nearly as naive as I sound sometimes but if you look at the statistics of people on welfare funds and the obesity rate, it's shocking.  I had those numbers somewhere and now I can't find them, if I do I'll post them. 

Could we try harder at educating people.  I would certainly volunteer to help show someone how to cook a healthy meal and I'm betting you would too.  If someone would organze it I'd jump right in. 

A year or so ago I had the occasion of being in a food bank in Arizona.  I was dropping off some clothes and the Women's Abuse Center was connected to the food bank.  Being the nosy curious person that I am I wandered in just to see what's what.  Is it cheaper to donate junk food than it is to donate veggies and good/better food items.    I'm not saying that there weren't some of that but certainly not enough cause I caught up with the assistant director and asked. 

There is a local grower of tomatoes that only grows organic products, they donate  several cases every week and they are yummy, I know cause the lady gave me a couple.  But I also know that there are other growers in the area and I didn't see any apples, pears or vegetables of any kind there.  The lady I spoke with was quite surprised that the community doesn't step up.  They do get things from area markets that may be close to expired.

Now think about how many food banks there are in this country and think about that food banks client..............I am amazed and would like to do my share so

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