Saturday, October 17, 2009

I met a man........

Not at all what you think, but he was quite attractive and Italian.

I'm babysitting the Pumkin Patch, I notice this fella standing outside the fence taking pictures, being the kind person I am most of the time I invite him in by saying "you are more than welcome to come inside to take your pictures". A smile appears and in very broken but not too bad english he says "we have nothing like this in our country".

Being that I never met a stranger I tell hime to come in look around and I'll introduce you to some very unusual gourds and squash. We exchanged recipe ideas on how to use pumpkins and squash.

Turns out Lucca is from Genoa, Italy. "how long will you be visiting our country?" Oh he says "just four days, I'm here to see Pat Benetar". "Really" I say "you flew from Italy to here just to see Pat Benetar? I do believe you win the prize for coming the farthest and being the biggest fan. My word!! Lucca tells me he has done this before a few times but never to Los Angeles. "Thank you for such nice weather" he says.

We chat for awhile longer and I tell him how to get to the ocean driving his rental he goes quite excited to see the Pacific.

Pat Benetar at the Canyon Club It appears we will be closing the "Patch" early tonite since the club shares our parking lot. I have a feeling Lucca will not be the only person attending.

Oh Lucca's favorite way to eat pumpkin is in risotto with roasted pignoli added.


Bee said...

Did ya get the recipe?!

maltese parakeet said...

what, no pictures?

Moon said...

Fantastic vignette.

Shal said...

Great post! If only I could have close encounters like that... *swoon*
And yes, recipe please??

Doodles said...

nope no recipe cause I have yet to eat a risotto that I really liked.