Tuesday, February 03, 2009

we've moved...........

but just a few miles, actually about 60 miles south of where we were the past month in Parker AZ. We had a glorious month of quiet the kind of month that ya just do what ya wanna do, and after the December we had it was much needed. Friends met us there and as I posted we made a few fun day trips. But the gypsy caravan must move on.

So boondocking for a few days sounds like fun.................many folks did this last year due to the fuel prices and I see a lot are still doing this even tho the fuel is down some..........but then some RV'rs that's all they do is boondock.
Now we are situated on a small piece of land owned by the BLM - aka bureau of land management. BLM land is available in most areas to dry camp............which means there are no hook ups and amenities such as water, electric, etc. Not to worry cause we have a super duper generator and lotsa water so we can be here for a few days. Hardly no one around, the quiet is awesome, the moon is so bright it actually cast shadows and there were so many stars visible!!! Quartzite happens to be one of those areas. It's also known far and wide as the worlds largest flea market. Miles and miles, literally........of folks hawking their goods, items that you know you just must have. But I must say we are a bit away from a cell tower cause my connection with the air card and cell phone not the best.

Mr also wants to do some prospecting, he even purchased prospecting equipment. So I'll keep you informed when we hit the mother lode HA!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few good books to keep me occupied while Mr plays in the dirt, wake me when ya get an ounce sweetums.

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Moon said...

Sounds like a heaven I would love. Enjoy!