Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hanging out with Angels

no not heavenly Angels but the Los Angeles Angels for their spring training gig in Tempe, Arizona.

When we were deciding what to do between our Christmas tree deal and going back to Gunnison, Colorado for the summer, I came upon this ad looking for workampers for spring training. Mr Doodles and I were considering going back to Tucson, AZ anyway so when I mentioned this Mr didn't hesitate, he said yes. Since he is not a baseball fan I did remind him that the Angels are a baseball team and not a hockey team. And his comment was why not try something different..........what the trees weren't different enough for ya???

We will arrive in Mesa, Az which is next door town to Tempe (pronounced tempee)
we should arrive this weekend. Following week we have a class to attend and an orientation a few days later. Then batter up on February 25th when the Angeles play the Chicago White Sox............oh wait spose President Obama will be there......nah they'll probably save his throwing out the first pitch for opening day for his beloved White Sox.

So stay tuna'd........................hope they let me take photos.


Bee said...

I was close. It's just the Angels instead of the Diamondbacks. Ooh, y'all have a great time. I guess we'll pull for the Angels as well as the Braves this year.

Moon said...

He will be in Arizona this month, I think.

Chris said...

Well how cool is that? You'll have a blast!

Too bad it wasn't the SF Giants though...just kidding!


Doodles said...

Would rather our fun be with the Dodgers!!! But the Angels were my Daddy's favorite team so I'll suffer thru HA!!!

Good to see you Chris...........

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb!

Im jealous----4 yrs ago I was in Mesa visiting my aunt ( who lived in Tempe for over 40 yrs previously), and I never got a chance to see any baseball while I was out there...

enjoy yourselves!!!

Post some pix of the area, will ya? :) Id love to remember those saguaros and sunsets :)