Saturday, January 14, 2006

where should I start????

Well let's see.........Thanksgiving came and went and luckily we didn't have to eat omlettes.
Christmas came and went friends and relatives in abundance. Lots and lots a fun had by all.
We listed the house FOR SALE BY OWNER FSBO as the realtors like to call it. They sure are in to a lot of them acronyms. Like reading another language when reading the classifieds. Maybe it's cause they are cheap. Sure have trouble understanding what some of those words are. I think they make em up if ya wanna know the truth. Well I digress. We are in the first stages of FSBO. Now my seester being the sweetheart that she is send me a web site and I'm gonna post it here just in case some unsuspecting sould should stumble acrossed this. Here we go Yep you are seeing correct that says St Joseph. Now I was born catholic and went to a catholic school for several years but I have never seen or heard anything about St. Joseph being the patron saint of realtors. Go figure - must of been absent during that portion of catechism class. So I say who am I to argue with a web site touting the fact that this figurine is gonna help me sell my house. Not me I'm a scared catholic for sure. So I go to the site after I might add lotsa chuckles about this with my sis, and order two of the blessed figurines. Well five days later they show up. I open the box, chuckle again and hand it to my dear husband for him to read. After he is thru shaking his head and smirking he asks "so who came up with this you or your sister". Now how would he know that for god sake. So at dusk we go out to the front yard and bury per instuctions which are 6 inches below ground with St Joseph facing the street. OK here we go - done. Oh and I forgot to mention that there is a prayer card that you must recite every morning. Now remember I ordered two of the "kits" as they are called. So we took the other St Joseph next door to our neighbors yard, their house is for sale also, and buried St Joseph in the same manner. Reason for doing it as dusk was we could still see but maybe the other neighbors couldn't see us doing this momentous deed. OK so that's done I get up the next a.m. and say the prayer. That evening while talking to my friend Cathy whose mother just happens to be a really good catholic I mentioned the St. Joseph thing to her. Well Cathy called back a couple hours later and asked "did you bury St. Joseph upside down?" Well no it didn't say in the instructions to do that. Well mom says that is the way it is supposed to be. Guess this is a well know fact among catholics - but not this catholic. OK dear husband can we go out and move St. Joseph to an upside down position. Grumble, grumble but who is he to argue he ain't a catholic so OK we move him. Next morning pray again, next morning pray again. No action on the house sale. But as I am standing outside watering my gorgeous lawn I look over and see several cars in the neighbors driveway and they have been there ahile. The neighbors call a few hours later they think they have a contract on the house. By golly that St Joseph dealy might work but wait I never went over there and turned him upside down, never but once prayed over there and the really funny thing is I never told them we buried St Joseph in their yard. Guess I will when they sign the final papers huh.

stay tunad for more St Joseph stories............................

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