Friday, January 20, 2006

damn it................

Wilson Pickett died..........I'm gettin old......only in age......certainly not in spirit.

I can still hear me singin "Mustang Sally" and riding around in my first mustang a 1967.
It was green and just a normal regular old Mustang but god I thought it was way cool.
I don't have a pic of the car but I was able to get one off the internet as shown below.

This poor Mustang met it's demise, totaled, crash and obliterated right off the face of this earth, and with me behind the wheel.
I was hit head on and my poor baby car was totaled.

Crap I missed that car...........Let's fast forward to 1970
I traded in a 1969 Pink Cadillac (don't even go there) for a 1970 Mustang Mach I in Ivy Green and Black. The picture on the right is not my car either.
Do you believe I cannot find photos of my cars. So off to the
internet. My 70 Mach I had the rattly things on the rear window.
And it probably was the most uncomfortable back seat in the world. Just ask my sis and BIL. But damn did I love that car.

Fast forward to 1976............we have the grand opportunity to move to Connecticut. WOW lucky us!!!!!! (possibly another blog)
We and I say we because my sweet dear husband talked me in to selling my Mach I treasure. WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Call me a dope I know.
Side note.........we drove to Connecticut in a 1972 Ford Courier truck. Trust that trip could be another blog or a novel.

OK fast forward to 2002 took me long enough but I bought another mustang. No I couldn't wait for the anniversary version I had to buy now. What a dope once again.........but I love this car and I'm back to singing "mustang sally". And it feels good because there is nuttin worse than singing "mustang sally" in sumpin else other than a Mustang. Thanks Wilson!!!!!

stay tuna'd..........................

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