Tuesday, October 25, 2005

we're home again........and this better be the last time I have to say this

because I am removing the word evacuate from my vocabulary. Never want to do this again.
8 named hurricanes in 14 months. Now understand I am very sympathetic to my fellow Floridians but I am just not wanting to be a Floridian anymore. Even though Jeb Bush, who is the Governor of this state, and yes the dopey presidents bro, is doing and has done in the past a wonderful job of getting it together. All the other hurricane prone states should take lessons from Jebby and his staff. Now I was thinking maybe we should make Jeb in charge of FEMA. I'm not saying the temp guy is bad, after all he too lives in Florida Broward County to be exact, but Jebby is just more astute to our woes.
I was verbalizing this scenario to my sis and happen to say that maybe we should put Jeb in charge of Homeland Security, since the dope that is in there is a big fat LIAR!!! Sis told me I was going a little too far, the idea of putting any Bush human being in charge of Homeland Security was a bit much. But seems that he couldn't do a lot of damage as the FEMA director.
But then again we are moving and going to Arizona - do they have anybody like Jeb in Arizona? Oh I know there is John McKay, Senator of Arizona so that could make me happy. Senator McKay better behave......................stay tuna'd