Tuesday, October 18, 2005

does it mean I'm getting old when someone asks me to google something and just for a moment it sounds a bit obscene

buddy ruined my lunch yesterday..............buddy is our 11 year old black cat. He's been known to be a little on the ornery side but he can be a very sweet cat.
Here's how he ruined our lunch........yesterday we were finishing up painting the living room, let's here it WOO HOO!!!, and I got a little hungry, told Norm I was going to stop and make lunch. How bout a tuna salad sandwich, sounds tasty, big glass of iced tea. OK I'm on it. Open the can of tuna, Norm only eats albacore packed in water, who knew he was fussy, anyhoo, and usually when I open a can of tuna Buddy is right there thinking I'll let him lick the can of the juices. Looked around no Buddy - hmmmm!! Went on about my lunch duties called for Norm and then I said bring Buddy I saved the can for him. He's not spoiled really. Nope I haven't seen him so he must be in the closet sleeping. He can do that ya see. Almost done with lunch and now I'm getting concerned that he didn't come out when he heard our jaws flapping. Norm go see if Buddy is in the closet of under the bed please...........OK I called him, Norm called him and nuttin. Now we are getting concerned. Earlier, a couple of hours ago Norm had the door to the garage open and was bring things in to the house thru the garage door. Buddy, the evil cat could have snuk out. So here's the drill, Norm gets in his truck and drives the neighborhood and I start walking, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. Nope no Buddy.......well I get back to the house and Norm pulls up in the truck, he gets out with tears in his eyes and no Buddy. Oh we feel so bad boo hooing all over the place. Isit down and say Norm go look in the closet again just to be sure. He comes out looking like the cat swallowed the mouse, and he is laughing. The damn cat was up on our bed stuck way behind in all those pillows up on a bed. The little bastard was so sound asleep. Needless to say we were happy.........but..............he still ruined my lunch. No tuna for Buddy.

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