Monday, September 19, 2016

Statement Bracelet, Southwest Design Accented by a Larimar Stone Peyote Beaded Bracelet, OOAK Beadwoven Cuff

A little about this beautiful stone....................

Larimar is a rare blue Pectolite that can only be found from the Dominican Republic. Also known as the Dolphin Stone, this beautiful turquoise blue-ish colored mineral is loved for its water-like appearance so characteristic of the Caribbean. Blue Pectolite is said to bring clarity and peace to its user, and remove self imposed blockages.

We´re always striving to improve and plan to expand our collection very soon - so stay tuned. Have fun shopping our amazing beaded jewelry pieces.

This One of a Kind design shows the Larimar stone in the center of this Southwest Beaded Cuff. A one of a kind that will never be duplicated.

Attached is a Larimar stone in blue hues that depict the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic; its origin.

Something of a southwest influence and plenty of interest to look at in this design. A touch of the Native American influence as well. A whole lot of style and statement here.

This piece is chic simplicity, with bold colors in bare designs are the perfect accessories to your minimal style.

Sizing..............this piece measures 7" by 1 1/4"

Finished off with a magnetic closure to compliment the bracelet with a safety chain.

My collection is handcrafted so please allow for slight variations in items.

I make every single piece of jewelry of mine with special care and love and I hope you like them! I use only the finest material. I do all the beadwork by hand with a needle and 6 pound test fishing line. The strength of the fishing line gives the piece strength and body.

All items will arrive in a gift box.

I'm sure you will feel special when you wear any of my items. Enjoy!

Colors of items may be slightly different from how they appear on your screen. We strive to photograph colors to be exact as possible.

***Discounts given for multiple pieces ordered

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