Thursday, March 19, 2015

A new annoyance

I have a new annoyance.  You know the kind of thing that drives ya crazy but you can deal with.  I have a colic at the crown of my head.

I have had it about a year or so.  Thinking I could handle this I decided to let my hair grow out a bit.  Thinking the longer locks would tame the annoying colic.........NOT dang it!!

So yesterday I got my hair cut short AGAIN..............the hell with the colic.  I'll invest in a lot of product.  My hair and temperament handles shorter hair better most days.  Well except for figuring out how to tame the colic. 

I color my hair only because  I was brought into this world with fine hair  I think that's why hair color was invented for women like me.  But can I say the oddest thing happened when I reached my late 50's maybe early 60' hair developed a curl.  Well not really a curl more like a bend.  Some hairdressers think I have the remnants of an old perm.  I haven't had a perm in lord knows when.  But the slight bend is there and can be helpful in someways however not for this blasted colic.

If you have a solution or a trick let me know I would be quite grateful.

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