Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The many uses of vinegar

 I know this is not a cooking blog.  BUT I have stumbled onto the many uses of vinegar.

I'm not going to bore you to tears with the bajillion uses but I am going to post the link, 
then you can decide.

It all started when I needed a shower door cleaner.  If you don't know we live in our RV.  We have the pleasure of encountering many different kinds of water while traveling about the country. There are some days that I just shouldn't Google  anything cause it can be a definite time waster.  Back to the googling part.  I see first there is  130 then 150 then a whopping 254 I present you with the many uses of vinegar.  

Wanna hear about a great soap scum remover.  Here goes two parts white vinegar to one part Dawn dishing soap.  Here comes the weird part but no arguing cause it works..........heat the vinegar slightly in your microwave  (DO NOT BOIL) then add the Dawn, put it in a spray bottle, shake it a little, spray on affected area and let it set for a little bit.  My little bit = about a half an hour.  Go find your Magic Eraser, spray down the shower with hot water then wipe down the area with that Magic sponge thingy (love those things).  Rinse well.   Ta Da clean soap scumless ;) 

I neglected to mention I was doing this to Mr Doodles cause he wondered why the shower smelled like a salad.

Now one more hint and this one is a dandy well for me anyway.  A bit of background, I have been bothered my allergies and sinus problems for as long a I can remember.  Some days are worse or better than others,  Yes I have been to a ton of Dr's regarding this and I could prove it by showing you the drawer full of crap  drugs they have prescribed.  Because of this problem I am so lucky to have a problem with mucus.  YUK!!  I know not my favorite thing to discuss.  Google throat mucus and you'll be amazed at the number of sites that appear.  Anyway drinking cider vinegar diluted with warm water is a life  sleep saver.  I can sleep most nites without choking.  

OK I have bored you to tears I'm sure but I must tell you that I bet I post another hint about vinegar soooooooooooo


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