Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Vitamin SEA!!!

You know how it is when you start something new and in an area where you have never been before.  It can be overwhelming.  Well it can be to me.  I'm behind on everything laundry  and photo posting mainly.   Shame on me I'll try to do better. 

Let me tell you there is so much to do, things to see, seafood to eat, places to go on hikes, kayak trips to take.  Oh and we work a few hours a week also.

If you have never been to this area of the country well you are missing a bunch.  The Pacific NorthWest is just beautiful.  Now just think how much I'll rave when it hasn't rained nearly everyday.    This is a terrific site for the area


Bee said...

I could use a dose of Vitamin Sea myself. I'll have to get it vicariously through you, though. So, I'll need to see those pics!

Moon said...

Love the sea air. Plus crashing water releases negative ions which are good for you. Suck in as many as you can.