Thursday, March 03, 2011

What Bogey has been doing

Norm bought him a present a few days again.  We have gotten a lot of entertainment out of this purchase.

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at this point the poor guy was quivering, just wanting to play with that little birdie
the pretty little hummingbird decided a black furry creature was not something to mess with so off he went to go sit on the ocotillo.  Bogey is now resting waiting for the hummingbird to come back.


Bee said...

Oh, you should! Poor Bogey! So close and yet so far away.

Moon said...

Really made me laugh out loud. Too funny for a Thursday morning.

That is a pretty little hummingbird and nice that it brings them in close.

Doodles said...

it is a pretty little bird with some blue on him. I heard there are many varieties here so I'm curious which was will show up.