Friday, November 19, 2010

Next stop 41

But in the mean time the celebration for our 40th anniversary was so very special.  Sister found a cool little tratorria over in Culver City.  Brunello's was a terrific choice. 
After spending the afternoon at the Petersen Auto Museum, we met up with sweet niece and hunky nephew in law at Brunello's.

They have a pretty standard Itlian fare menu but their specials were quite special.  One of which was an artichoke potato soup.  Sister and I have a habit of trying to recreate a dish if it's something that alerts our taste buds.  Well that soup certainly was one that caught our attention.  If it sounds like something that would tempt your taste buds try this recipe.  I should have known Giada would have this in her repetoire. 

I made this soup exactly as the recipe stated and turned out just divine. Yes I said divine.   Oh wait I think she calls for two cups of chicken stock I used the whole package which is 26 ounces. It was thick and creamy just as I remembered that special nite of celebrating.


Moon said...

That was a very fun day. Glad we could celebrate together.

Becky said...

I thought I'd lost this recipe and have spent the past several minutes frantically searching for it. Barb, I was ready to send you a private message asking you to link me to it. Can you tell I'm anxiousanxiousanxious to try it? Soup weather is here, boy howdy and thank goodness!