Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A complaint

I am sick, sick I say of HOT weather!!!  If I wanted hot weather I would go see our friends in Texas and visit friends or go see step-momma who lives in the desert.

Having said all that Mr Doodles loves it hot, the hotter the better.  Guess Bogey does too cause he sleeps in the closet all day and it's danged hot in there.

My motto I can always warm up but sure is hard to cool down when it's...............


The good news is it's expected to cool down for the weekend cause FYI the pumpkins don't like it hot either.


Bee said...

Hit 85* here today - which is too hot for autumn. I'm tired of it, too! Like you, though, we're supposed to cool down for the weekend - low 70's!

Don't let it make your sweet self grumpy. That's my job!!!

Moon said...

It was cooler and should be nice for Saturday. Fall is approaching, maybe. I'll sacrifice a chicken for you?