Friday, July 09, 2010

just another PO'd post..........sorry

We all go in to fast food joints where they give you a cup for your drink. That's an all you can drink ya know so buy a small and drink away, fill up as many times as ya want. Well that is while you are in that location. Don't take the cup home, wash it and bring it back the next time. If in fact you do, look ashamed, look very ashamed.

Now there is another one the irks the HE## out of me. Years ago fast food establishments started giving out small cups for the elderly, yes I mean seniors, for them to get water at the all you can drink area. Isn't that nice they started doing that.

Well it didn't take long for folks to take advantage of the generous nature of these establishments. Needless to say it didn't take long for the establishments to raise the price of their drinks. Why you ask.............well people are getting cups for water and then filling them with soda or tea, yes even the seniors. I sat the other day and watched 7 folks that were all together of various ages, 6 of them used the free water cup given them and walked right over to the soda and filled it with ice and soda. The seventh person asked what's with the drinks, one of them explained and he said "well I'll know next time".

Does anyone think this is stealing?? Yes I know there is a huge markup on soda, tea and ice BUT why must I pay for your lack of conscious. Rest assured I would go very thirsty before I participated in the free cup scam.


Moon said...

yes, thievery is a sport that knows no age limit. What happened to just a good old conscience?

Bee said...

You bet it think it's stealing. P's me off, too. Do they have no conscience at all?!